Get A Great Body Improve Your Health, Fitness And Overall Mental Wellbeing

Hi, I am Dawn Jones, and I have been doing nutrition, fitness and healthy living for over 25 years.

I have been helping people discover a healthy lifestyle, have a better relationship with food and comfortably live their lives without dieting.

For me, it is about having everything in moderation and having a balance and understanding the right foods
to put into your body to get the best results.

I work with people who want to lose weight but are tired of yo-yo dieting. You may have health problems that mean you are unable to train so by helping you understand the knowledge of food you can easily lose weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

I have worked with individuals with eating disorders and helped them with their nutrition and also helped with their mindset and it has been heartwarming to see the change that has happened since they first came to me for help.

For some of my clients, it has not just about losing weight, for them, it is the understanding and the impact
it can have on their mental and physical health.

When you work with me the first thing that I focus on is what your food intake is over 7 days.

This allows me to create a bespoke personal plan for you to follow and on the consultation which follows we
implement a plan for you to follow over a period of time.

I am accessible to help you 24 hours a day if you have any questions or queries regarding your plan.

My results are based on my own personal experience of nutrition.

I don’t diet or watch what I eat, I live a normal life to the full but I understand the link between what I eat is what I am.

Feel free to get in touch if you are looking to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

What My Clients Are Saying

Carol from Oldbury: “I was in a bad place, unhappy with how I looked which affected me in so many ways. Then Dawn came alone and with all her help and support I feel fantastic and look even better. Thank Dawn!”

David from West Bromwich: “I have been struggling with my weight on an off for most of my life. I had tried various diets and exercise programs but none seemed to work. I was put in touch with Dawn who has completely changed my life. I now look and feel good with a much better outlook on my life. Thanks for everything Dawn.”


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